Ondernemers en Marketingspecialisten

Stolen Goods is gespecialiseerd in Strategie & intelligente content creatie!

Met de drie specialismen; Filmproductie, 2,5D Animatie & 3D Animatie voorzien wij klanten zoals Red Bull, Magioni, Naïf en Adidas van frisse en tijdloze content. We denken mee vanuit de customer journey en bepalen o.b.v touchpoints in de journey wat de communicatiestijlen & visuals gaan worden op dat moment. Gevestigd in Amsterdam en bestaande uit een klein jong team waar de gemiddelde leeftijd rond de 30 jaar ligt. Met 2 creatieve strategen & 7 creatieven functioneren wij als een ondernemende digitale partner die met de tijd meegaat. (Ja, we maken ook Filters :))

Stolen Goods strategen adviseren bedrijven in hun Merkstrategie (lange termijn), hun Marktstrategie (middellange termijn) en hun Campagne Strategie (korte termijn). Visueel jouw merk voor jouw specifieke doelgroepen
op de juiste manier en het juiste moment in beeld brengen.

We ondersteunen designers met het toevoegen van ons specialisme.
We ondersteunen marketeers in het verhogen van cijfermatige resultaten.
We ondersteunen owners in het realistisch maken van hun visie!

Stolen Goods streeft naar een wereld waar groene merken visueel de boventoon voeren.

Onze animatie/film&3D-skills gebruiken om bedrijven te helpen die gezond zijn voor mensen, dieren en onze aarde. :)

We houden van de kleur groen.

Hogeschool vor de Kunsten en Willem de Kooning Academie.

Brand Strategie & Concept Strategie

We zijn loyale mensen.

Gamification, Filters en Giftjes!

Engagement, informeren en inspireren met content.

Wij begrijpen dat falen de weg naar succes is!

Do you want to join our team?

Leon Wielens

Social Creative Director

A director whose expertise allows him to properly interpret every query and its peculiarities. His professional outlook ensures that through each project great emotional value is conveyed and intended dialogue with a brand is established, coherently and creatively at the same time.

Jurgen Popma

Social Marketing Strategist

More than 10 years of experience in connecting with people is what makes Jurgen the one to go to when you seek for transparent communication and the right business solution. His natural ability for problem solving brings help and trust to our clients.

Shiraz Bandhoe

Social Motion Graphicer / VFX Artist

The one who knows how to communicate in-depth information through visually engaging pieces, and how to create illusions without over-specifying the forms. Being in control of the technical aspects behind the work, Shiraz makes sure the final outcome is stylistically flawless.

Jur Baltussen

Social Visual Artist

He treats his screen as a window into a virtual environment where analog and digital tools emerge to give life to the creations. Worlds with an effervescent aesthetic translated by the specialist immersive technique mix of 3D animations and live-action.

Anda Nahumury

Social Art Director

His experimental vision and flexibility when it comes to new tools always keeps his work trendy. Supplying a broad range of concepts, Anda always looks for the best fitting stories to represent a client. Supplying a broad range of concepts, actively contributing to the appearance and most precise representation.

Daan Draijer

Social Motion Graphic Designer

This eager student has been a useful addition to the team since the summer. With his versatility and a natural drive to get the most out of every project, he’s committed to assisting Stolen Goods in becoming an even greater company: a super brand! And every superhero needs a sidekick!

Eugenia Zybluk

Social Visual Artist

With the background in academical drawing and painting, she is always into creating aesthetically pleasing and coherent visuals. Great attention to details and pushing the craft to the limit is what you would expect from Eugenia, who is currently majoring in Illustration.

Lara Sluyter

Social Filmmaker

She is a creative with a predominant focus on the practice of filmmaking. Alongside film, she works as a photographer, painter and graphic designer. She is fond of working with the visual aspects of film such as cinematography, visual effects and editing. Her signature is intelligibly visible in her work: it’s colourful, poetic, nostalgic, queer and unconventional.

Denise Başşahan

Social Creative

Denise is known as a multi-disciplinary artist, polishing her skills in creative direction and as a film director. With her holistic approach and thinking outside conventional narratives she adds a deeper meaning to content creation. Her experience from the couple of years in art direction pushed her to be more artistically independent. She doesn’t like to be narrowed down to a one-sided character!

Bram Baas

Social Color Grader

Bram brings more color into your life. With his powerful tools he knows exactly how to shape your moving images from scratch to an unique look. His detailed eye and good understanding of color science enables him lifting every project to a higher value. Nothing is impossible according to Bram, and with his passion in color grading he will always push the limits of the highest quality possible.

Levien Priem

Social Director of Photography‎

Als filmmaker houdt hij ervan om échte verhalen te vertellen, het liefste in een zo rauw mogelijke ongepolijste cinema/documentaire achtige style. Voorheen was hij Head of Video bij XITE en ondertussen heeft hij al bijna 10 jaar ervaring in de filmwereld.