A Creative Studio

Stolen Goods is a creative studio established in Amsterdam since 2016. Born out of love for creating. Call us the innovators who are always making sure we are up-to-date with the newest techniques, so that your imagination is never too wild to visualize.

With our experience in filming and animating music videos, commercials and trailers we offer a full range of services for festivals, artists, brands and agencies. Our unique flavour consist of our specialization and passion for film, animation, VFX and motion graphics in which we get any message across in the right way.

"Just steal it"

”Stolen Goods, it’s in the game”.

"Even Stolen Goods bellen"

"Stolen Goods, connecting people"

”Dat zeg ik! Stolen Goods”

"Stolen Goods, because you’re worth it”

"Met een beetje van jou en een beetje van Stolen Goods"

"Stolen Goods, ik ben toch niet gek?!"

"Impossible is nothing, Stolen Goods"

"Stolen Goods gives you wings"

"Wir lieben animation, Stolen Goods"

"Get the Stolen look"

"Stolen Goods, er is geen betere"

Do you want to join our team?

Leon Wielens

Creative Director

Is a Director who’s vision allows him to interpreted the demand and particularities and connect emotional experiences in any project. Establishing a dialogue between the visual identity of any brand, ensuring creative coherence as an output.

Jurgen Spouse

Marketing Strategist

Connecting with people is part of his nature, showcasing more than 10 years in experience portraying diverse roles. His natural ability to resolution and transparency set the environment to detail attention. Someone that brings you the right solution. Better call Jurgen.

Shiraz Bandhoe

Motion Graphic / VFX artist

Creating illusions without over specifying the forms he communicate with the viewer displaying depth information resulting in visual engaging pieces. Being in control of the technical aspects the ever changing atmosphere is enhanced stylistically deriving in a flawless production.

Jur Baltussen

Visual Artist

He treats his screen as a window into a virtual environment where analog and digital tools emerge to give life to the creations. Worlds with an effervescent aesthetic translated by the specialist immersive technique mix of 3D animations and live action.

Anda Nahumury

Art Director

Due to his experimental outlook and ease with new tools being current with the trends is an expected trace of his resilient work. Supplying a broad range of concepts ,actively contributing to the appearance and most precise representation.