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Clients Mission

Bizzey is currently one of the most popular artists in the Netherlands. His music is being streamed millions of times. He strives to be the best and that’s why each production has to be better than the one before that. Nothing is too crazy and we are proud to be a part of that.

Bizzey - Allemaal mensen

‘’It’s not going to be a standard video’’. That’s how director Caio from Framez productions came into our studio. Trippy effects, dreamy visions, and neon lights. A video clip where you combine the hot summer feeling tune with darker cloudy surroundings. A clear distance of love is shown between the singer and his crush . Her fantasy takes you through a journey of numerous thoughts which are shown in every scene.


Stolen goods added value to every segment during the process. We supported Framez productions on every part. With our maker's vision in the treatment that got handed to us, we went to work. You are looking at the best, most efficient and most remarkable solutions in our opinion. People ask us; How did you get Bizzey sitting in an open space on a chair when the floor is moving? And how did the background got designed when you see vague people looking with a surrealistic glowing circle above? The answer is a technical green screen, compositing, and 3D animation! As well as putting Bizzey on a building with a skyline!

Bizzey ft. Ashafar & Ramiks - Wij Rulen De Nacht

Flying Porsches, twerking females, the well known Holland Casino with a slightly dressed woman, A Bizzey money transportation, a surrealistic moon in 5 different shots... NO, even a bigger moon in 10 shots... Nothing is too crazy in this music video where everything is extravagant, extravagant with a wink though ;)


Director Jonas from Framez productions came to us with the question to make things fly, Porsches to be exact. We advised going 3D on this fantasy. This gives you the infinite fantasy and possibilities we as Stolen Goods like to work with. In the post-processing we added a huge moon, just to show you that everything is possible!


Bizzey - Allemaal mensen | 329.278 views
Bizzey ft. Ashafar & Ramiks - Wij Rulen De Nacht | 413.661 views

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