EPIK 2019

Clients mission

HSU events organized another Hardstyle festival with a brand new concept, named EPIK. Featuring the 4 biggest names in the Scene right now. IAMWISSAM created this concept and Last Blast was responsible for the amazing show. Together with Huig van den Hoofdakker and Rene te Riele as a complete team, made this show possible. EPIK will be a Journey Style concept with longer artists set times and unique visuals and State of the Art Ceremonies.

Show content

As the name of the festival suggests, this show had to be epic. And that includes the visuals shown on the big screens whilst the DJ’s are playing. This year’s theme was all about the universe which means ‘grand’, ‘majestic’ and of course: ‘epic’. It includes visuals varying from globes peacefully orbiting through space to the big bang: the explosive start of it all. It was up to us to create these beautiful planets, galaxies and many, many stars. EPIK will feature 3 Unique, Time-coded Ceremonies - Laser Ceremony - New Era Ceremony - Dark Age Ceremony These will happen in between each Artist, with pyro, fireworks and over 60 lasers!


It was the Director’s dream to make this universe storyline in a cinematic style for the festival. Therefore he came up with the idea to have different universes which you enter through a tunnel. Every new era is a different galaxy with different planets in which visuals match the DJ’s sound style. The concept of the screens was not definite yet, but we had to keep in mind to work centralized. In the middle of the process, the director and show director were working on another show of HSU events. Communication was a bit inconvenient because there were 10 hours time difference. Because of our experience together as a team, we knew we could do this on distance.

Divisions of roles

Festival organisation
HSU events
Show creation
Last Blast
Last Blast
Content animation
Stolen Goods
Content animation
Huig van den Hoofdakker
VJ content animation
Rene te Riele

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