Get ready for the summer!

Clients Mission

Holland & Barrett wanted a bigger reach in the Netherlands. Their focus was targeting a younger audience. They started a new campaign with a tv commercial and Social media videos. They asked the agency Dorst & Lesser to set up the social media campaign. Dorst & Lesser reached out to us. Together with their creatives we came up with the most suitable solution.


The campaign is all about preparing yourself for the summer. We gave it a funny touch by using animals as a metaphor. By creating a healthy, feel good, hip world we wanted to show that “Holland & Barrett’’ is a natural based shop that has the focus on a younger audience. Every video starts with a question and ends with the product you should buy that prevents it.

Tab & Hold

Another way to reach a younger audience is the tab & Hold game. It's a game that creates interaction with their target audience. While playing they will educate themselves on how to keep your body healthy. :)

Divisions of roles

Dorst & Lesser
Dorst & Lesser
Stolen Goods

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