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Client Mission

Hallmark, in cooperation with Blauw Gras, created a campaign with the slogan ‘’Little effort, big gesture’’ that needed to go live in the month of December. The goal was that it had to be designed from the point of view of the end-user. Hallmark wanted to create ‘’the surprise effect’’ by placing cards with appropriate messages in unexpected places. The goal was to freshen up the target audience's mind and make them more aware that you can make a big difference by using a personal card that’s specifically designed for one person only!


The Hallmark 360 campaign needed to consist out of different expressions such as; stills for the billboards and the website banners and moving images for social media and digital out of the home. The campaign is divided into two phases which contain every three scenes. Phase one is focused on the month of December, it shows that although everybody is busy then, some people are still thinking about you. Phase two is focused on more general situations such as after a great night or before a job application. :)


Hallmark decided to work together with Blauwgras regarding their social media strategy. The Creative director from Blauw gras reached out to us in helping them with creations for their strategy. We gathered a team of specialists and went to work with setting up the production. We also took care of the post-production with great joy. Together with a creative from Blauw gras we went to work, creating animations and making all the edits in house. Eventually, we produced 40 offline and online versions in one and a half weeks. We didn’t have a lot of time, that’s why we luckily worked closely side by side to finish this project within a strict time limit.

Gigantic billboard

Hallmark's goal is to be seen in December by as many people as possible... That’s why they choose a 360 strategy. The stills we made are seen on a gigantic billboard in Antwerp that’s around 600m2! For online we made different video versions on Instagram, Facebook, and as ads on Youtube. The banners on the website and the digital out of home screens also added the publicity to reach the maximum exposure in different cities in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Divisions of roles

Cassandra Offenberg
Johnathan Juliana
Art Director
Stolen Goods
Stolen Goods x Blauwgras
Johnathan Juliana

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