It’s time for Battle Royal

Clients Mission

It’s the product all the kids crave to have: NERF Gun! There are different ‘guns’ the kids can play with. That’s why it was time to launch the first TV commercial! NERF also decided to widen the campaign by using the footage for social media. The main goal was to show their target audience that a new selection of guns is now also available.


What does every youngster want to be these days…? An influencer! NERF used this very wise within their strategy. They chose 4 well-known influencers which are linked to specific NERF Guns. They are the leaders for each team that is battling with each other. The commercial is focused on kids between 6 & 16 years old, that’s why you see so many explosions which really gives you the feeling that your part of a video game!


NERF handled smart and reached out to us during the treatment procedure. Because the goal is reaching out to the kids, research was done to see what's now hip and trendy. With adding special glitches in a specific way the screen dynamic changed with much faster transitions. After the shoot, the VFX and the animations were completed and everything was crafted in the right social media formats. The breaking news came that only one ‘NERF Gun’ wasn’t allowed to be in the video. A re-edit took place and we as Stolen Goods re-arranged all the VFX effects.

Social Media

Influencers and social media are of course related with each other. That’s why NERF chose for a social media campaign. All merged in the well known social formats. Each influencer got his own personal video!

Divisions of roles

Jonas Beck
Moo Flamman
Stolen Goods
Stolen Goods
Sound design
Wouter Hardy music
De Grot
Dept agency

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