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Clients Mission

Nike wanted us thanks to Wannahaves to extend its campaign ‘Lock in Let Loose’ on the 433 Instagram channel. It contains over 20 million followers. Their focus was on reaching a younger audience (13-26). With a clean and original concept and the right platform, we had the possibility to accomplish the clients' mission.


First, Stolen Goods enjoyed every step within making these creations for Nike. The following three soccer players were assigned by Nike: Mbappe, Sane and Rashford. Each player has their own specific skill set that makes them unique in the way they move on the field. Knowing this we started to study each player writing relevant concepts that exemplify Nike their new ‘Lock in Let Loose’ line of shoes.

Final Product

Each video is Catchy, elusive and exclusive. Combined with well-known images such as ‘the joker or Banksy’’. It’s perfectly designed to connect with Nike their target audience. How did we get to this final product? Ask us or study our storyboard regarding this project.


The results were excellent, numbers don’t lie. Behold below the results regarding the fruits from our hard labor:

433 Channel

Mbappe views: 1.200.000 views - 1.920 comments
Sane views: 1.100.000 views - 2520 comments
Rashford views 1.300.000 views -1701 comments

Divisions of roles

Nike - Wannahaves
Stolen Goods
Stolen Goods
Stolen Goods
Stolen Goods

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