Pizza with a purpose.

Client Mission

Magioni is launching the 'pizza with a purpose'. A campaign to motivate their fans to participate in this mission and try their new topped pizzas.


Magioni decided to let us help realize their biggest campaign so far! Together with our creative team, we came up with an idea. Introducing four new topped pizzas, Magioni has linked each of the pizzas to their main target group of 'heroes'. In the video's you'll see a young mother with her kid who decides to prefer the pizza instead of the vegetables, a girl doing yoga with pizza boxes, a rebel millennial couple eating their pizzas on the counter and having some quality time, and a sweet and social mother that has the friends come over!


While working on this campaign, the 'lockdown' was a fact in the Netherlands because of the COVID-19. So we had to be creative with our script and production to keep 1,5-meter distance between each other. We gathered a team of specialists and went to work with setting up the production. The first solution is that the cast consists of all relatives or couples. Each scene is shot at the same location. In a giant loft with an enormous amount of space. We also took care of the post-production with great joy. Creating 45 different edits, 10 animations, and 12 VFX's in-house within one and a half weeks. Eventually, we produced 40 offline and online versions in one and a half weeks. With very good focus and communication, we were able to work non-stop to deliver this result.

Social media formats

To get the best result and maximum exposure there were many adjustments necessary needed. Many different edits, all had to fit in different resolutions to fit in the social media platforms' terms. Which makes it a really hard puzzle with every small adjustment. This means it also adjusts to all the other video's!


Total views - Sold pizza's -

Divisions of roles

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Levien Priem
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Camera assistant
Maxime van Erp
Chris van Marle
Best boy
Timo Eijskoot
Art Director
Daylène Kroon
Bram Baas
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