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Clients Mission

TELE2 chose Indie agency who created a comical commercial combined with a well-known rapper named ‘Gotu Jim’ to reach the young audience within the Netherlands. By showing the difference between having a limited subscription and having an unlimited one that brings you all the GOODS you need. We went to work and helped to create two versions: Limited and Unlimited.


The campaign is divided into two music videos: Unlimited and Limited underlying the same song from the artist Gotu Jim. The two music videos withhold the data bundle usage. The Limited-version shows you limited possibilities, mostly plain and simple colors. The Unlimited-version has the opposite reflection: bright colors, extra visual effects, and special movements are brought to life.


Stolen Goods was present on set thanks to GRYGIERCZYK & BOITELLE during half a production day. GRYGIERCZYK & BOITELLE wanted to prevent any complications, so they chose our professionals to monitor the whole process. The mounting consisted of visual effects, 3D- animation and compositing skills. From making rotating globes till creating the airbrush from Gotu Jim-mouth. We made sure everything is consecutive with the sound effects and his music record. We enjoyed being creative with the spinning rims, flashing car lights and for example the ‘two Jims’ who are wearing one shirt. These variations made it fun and interesting for us to add our value!

Limited music video

The limited version is actually a 'low quality' version from the unlimited version. It has less color and fewer ins and outs. The music video reflects that you have fewer possibilities if you chose for the limited version as a client. The unlimited version shows you that you can have anything you want!


Tele2 presents: Gotu Jim - Unlimited | 335.000 views after 2 weeks
Tele2 presents: Gotu Jim - Limited | 332.000 views after 2 weeks

Divisions of roles

Kevin Boitelle
Executive Producer
Allen Grygierczyk
Indie agency
Nik Sluijs & Joey Boeters
Agency Producer
Robert Roosenstein
Ruben van Weelden
Thomas de Rijk
Stolen Goods
First Ad
Art Director
Dewi Mensingh
Jur Oster
Licht Assistent
Niels Stoeltie
Licht Assistent
Aron Homma
Wardrobe Stylist
Anouk Oceane
Danielle Grisel
Production Assistant
Gino Wouters
Production Assistant
Stephanie Elout
1st AC
Justus Engelbracht
Erik de Grot

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