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    Magioni believes in a world where one does not have to choose between working hard and playing hard. Fast food can also be fit food. But how? A Magioni pizza consists of 32 percent vegetables. Fresh pizzas with fewer calories, more vegetables, and above all: they’re very tasty!


    360 campaign


    Magioni came up with four lifestyle goals: Nutritious, Active, Innovative and Vegetarian, which were linked to target groups and of course: pizzas. And to literally bring them to the tables, the campaign started off with a hero video which was spread across various social media platforms. Furthermore, photography and HTML banners played a role in increasing the digital reach. These tasty pizzas could also be seen on the digital Out Of Homes in various cities in the Netherlands.

    Magioni Monday

    Every ‘Magioni Monday’, a recipe would be shared on social media. These weekly videos made fans feel more connected to the brand.

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  • DOP
  • Levien Priem
  • Camera Assistent
  • Maxime van Erp
  • Gaffer
  • Chris van Marle
  • Best Boy
  • Timo Eijskoot
  • Art Director
  • Daylène Kroon
  • Styling
  • Magioni
  • Grading
  • Bram Baas
  • Photography
  • Jordi Sloots
  • Actress (young mommy)
  • Ninah Rikken
  • Actor (young mommies kind)
  • Ties Rikken
  • Actress (fitgirl)
  • Lani van Santen
  • Actress (trendy millenial)
  • Jennifer Artin
  • Actor (trendy millenial)
  • Lars Kalkdijk
  • Actor (social sally)
  • Geert Pelsma
  • Actress (social sally)
  • Julia Blohberger
  • Actor (social sally)
  • Brian Driessen
  • Actress (social sally)
  • Lisa Meddens