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    Nike releases new shoe models every year. In the JD sports stores you have walls where each model is highlighted. Screens have been placed between the shoes where a visualization of the latest model can be seen. It was our job to visualize the concepts.

    JD Sports Stores


    Concept visualizing


    The animations are based on materials, patterns, functionality, lifestyle, colors, and the look and feel of the models.

    So is the Air Max more material-focused. Here we highlighted the recognizable pattern of the sole and visual centers which we create a playful background.  With React Vision we tap into the exaggerated angles that are recognizable from the visual centers. With the Jordans we’ve created a reference to the Michael Jordan and basketball legacy of the segment. And last but not least with the Nike performance we play with the different movements that fall under the performance segment. From horizontal, vertical to spiral movements, we’ve combined energy and performance.

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