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    BOOS, better known in its early years as #BOOS, is a Dutch online investigative journalism and consumer program broadcast on the YouTube channel of the same name and the online channels of NPO and BNNVARA. Presenter Tim Hofman helps duped people by fighting scammers.


    Animations & VFX

    Each BOOS episode has a studio moment. In a blue space, the past history of the villain is explained. This explanation is reinforced with animations, which take place throughout the room. These reinforce the story, but also make it more fun to watch. The viewer is also sometimes misled by real objects being brought to life.


    Next to the studio moments, we’ve been responsible for the edits of 4 episodes. By clicking on one of the links below you can watch the full episode.

    Episode 12 Swheels
    Episode 15 La Souris
    Episode 17 PK Kozijnen
    Episode 18 De CD Perserij

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