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    In the second season of Pak de Macht, Tim Hofman bites into the sometimes rusty power systems and individuals with power. Because there are still many powerful people and influential organizations. It is time for accountability because a better world does not start with yourself, but with those in power.



    The 2nd season Pak de Macht had a different format this time compared to last season. Consisting of 6 episodes, this time it played out in a studio with a live audience. During the main topic there was the “Explainer” block. Here Tim went more specifically into the subject with animations playing around it reinforcing it. Led by Creative Director Jasper Steenhuis, we were responsible for developing this. Also with the aim of challenging the viewer. In the subject about Schiphol Airport, for example, digital airplanes appeared everywhere and Tim picked one out of the air that was real. Or a monopoly game with houses arose during the subject Building land where Tim picked out a real house.

    Short Animations

    Each episode consisted of a minor and major topic. A short introduction animation highlighted the problem of the subject. Since Pak de Macht stems from the online series Boos, and it is seen as the bigger brother, these animations had to have the recognizability and lightheartedness of Boos. In total, we created 12 animations. You can see the compilation below. Are you curious to see the full episode? check it out here.

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  • Studio Director
  • David Grifhorst
  • Director Assistent
  • Angelique Berg
  • Host
  • Tim Hofman
  • Host
  • Max Terpstra
  • Host
  • Ralph de Boer
  • Final Editoral
  • Marieke Rietkerk
  • Editor
  • Lisa Dekker
  • Editor
  • David van Unen
  • Editor
  • Yassine Boutayeb
  • Production
  • Remko Bosman
  • Production
  • Niquel Matitahatiwen
  • Creative Director
  • Jasper Steenhuis
  • Item director
  • Timothy Sterk
  • Item director
  • Benjamin Kamps
  • Boos Editor
  • Marije de Roode
  • recording manager
  • Sigrid Vermeulen
  • NEP
  • Daphne Helmonds
  • NEP
  • Stefan Goemans
  • Chain
  • Rob Michies
  • Unbranded
  • Antoine de Haas
  • Unbranded
  • Martin van Loo
  • Autocue
  • Scriptease
  • Autocue
  • Thea de Jong
  • Catering
  • David de Boer
  • Visagie
  • Claudia Esser
  • DLS
  • Merijn Stojansek