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    HappySoaps is a durable, cheerful brand for everyone. And above all: the entire production, as well as the delivery, is completely plastic-free! From Shampoo Bars to sunscreen; these lovely smelling products come in a range of scents and colors. The message is clear: join #TeamPlasticFree!




    To help HappySoaps spread the word, we created a series of eight informative yet playful videos. Every episode has a different topic, ranging from microplastics and their effect on the planet to tips on how to store your Shampoo Bars so you can use them as long as possible. The explainers showcase HappySoaps’ positive, upbeat character which shines through in the colorful worlds and floating objects throughout the series. Did you know that 80% of what’s inside a plastic shampoo bottle is water? For more interesting facts, check out the episodes!

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  • Script
  • Geert Pelsma
  • DOP
  • Massivv
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  • Camtrao