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  • Peter Pannekoek New Year’s Eve Conference

    Comedian Peter Pannekoek looks back at the past year in his New Year’s Eve conference. He gives an ode to the consistent corona policy of our cabinet; the selflessness of Sywert van Lienden; and the greatness of Lil ‘Kleine.


    A flight from the Suez canal to Amsterdam

    Action plan

    Peter kicks off the show with a video of him standing on the container ship Ever Given, which stranded in the Suez Canal earlier in the year. From there we rapidly travel through time and space, ending up at the Amsterdam theatre Carré, where the show starts. Our task was to make this flight look realistic. We copied the location of the stranded ship using Google Maps references. With a digital camera movement, the camera flies across the globe towards the theatre. We have recreated the cities of Paris and Amsterdam in 3D as recognizable points. With a smooth camera movement, the animation transitions into footage shot by a drone that flies into Carré.

    Fireworks celebration

    Stay sane

    The conference ends with a shot filmed by a drone flying outside of the theatre. Although the show was pre-recorded, it had to feel like it was live. That’s why we have animated fireworks spelling out the words: “blijf gezond van geest” (stay sane) in the shot.

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  • Director
  • Jasper Steenhuis
  • Producer
  • Marit Kos