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    Kijkwijzer is a Dutch system that guides the age appropriateness of TV programs, films, and series. Their goal is to raise awareness among the public and create a commercial to be shown on streaming platforms like Disney+ in 27 countries.


    Film production agency Popcorn Stories took full responsibility for the production, creating a scenario where a girl watching TV causes her surroundings to change dynamically based on the content she switches to. Three scenarios were outlined, and our task was to handle VFX and motion graphics. The TV content becomes reality in the living room, featuring a spider transforming into the horror Kijkwijzer icon, a punch transforming into the violence symbol, and another scene with soup spillage and a man erupting in anger, where a profanity icon appears over his mouth.

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  • Creation
  • Michan Tolman, Menno de Geest, Lucas Arnoldussen
  • Production
  • Popcorn Stories
  • VFX & Animations
  • Stolen Goods
  • Accountant
  • Erin Tuik
  • Strategy
  • Edgar Talboo
  • Agency producer
  • Michan Tolman
  • Director
  • Menno de Geest
  • DOP
  • Ruben Wijnheijmer
  • AC
  • Krijn Wintjes
  • Lightning
  • Lightning Company
  • Set design
  • Marieke van Warmerdam
  • Styling
  • Jessica de Geest
  • Runner
  • Rianne Coppes
  • Make-up
  • Nakee Fong
  • Voices
  • Voicebooking.com
  • Edit, Grading & Sound
  • Popcorn Stories
  • Martijn Huigsloot, Tiffany van Stormbroek, Junia Brinkman-Floor