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    What if you could step through a magical portal to the project of your dreams? The former ING office in Amsterdam Zuidoost will be turn into a mixed-use building, called zandkasteel, where you can live, work and enjoy yourself.



    For this promo teaser, 2 characters are attracted to a portal that emerges in a billboard with the advertisement of the sand castle. To realize this, we were asked to transform the billboards into a portal into which they can enter. This is just the beginning of something great to come

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  • Concept
  • Popcorn Stories
  • Director
  • Frits Marchand
  • D.O.P.
  • Menno de Geest
  • Steadicam
  • Ruben Wijnheijmer
  • Producer
  • Michan Tolman
  • Projectmanager
  • Erin Tuik
  • Production Assistent
  • Amelie Bauwens
  • Edit
  • Popcorn Stories
  • Grading
  • Roos Veltkamp
  • Motion Graphics
  • Max van Meegeren
  • Music
  • Mathijs Tieken
  • VFX / 3D
  • Stolen Goods