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    Red Bull Stalen Ros is a Dutch-themed bike race on water. Participants are challenged to design and build an extraordinary and flashy bike with a buddy. The goal is to navigate the watercourse as fast as possible. Can you reach the finish line while keeping dry and ringing the bell?



    We were commissioned by Ten Content Agency to create an engaging collage-style video that showcases teams racing on the course. It had to be a flashy, lighthearted, and amusing video that never gets boring. A shooting day was scheduled to capture the actors from various angles and capture their diverse facial expressions. Taking place in The Hague, the video features the city’s captivating skyline as a backdrop. Furthermore, a comprehensive video was produced to provide detailed information about the bike’s features and requirements.

    Social Media

    To promote this event on social media, we’ve created vertical video variations. These videos are designed to capture attention and engage the audience on various platforms.

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